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Sales Process

Quotations > Sales Orders > Purchase Orders >Consignment > Asset Track > Billing

NetHelpDesk has the ability to raise quotations for your end-users for Items you sell, whether physical or service based, raise Sales Orders for the Customer, convert to a Purchase Order to receive item in from Third Party Supplier, and consign the item to the order, track the item as an asset of that Customer, and bill the Customer for their purchase.

Sales Process 1

We will run through a test example, to help understand the process flow within NetHelpDesk. You can use any part of these features, depending on your internal process. This flow is to get a basic high-level understanding of the features.

Customer requests a new PC for a new Starter.

Raise a Quotation

Against the Request, click the Quotation tab to begin raising a quotation.

Sales Process 2

Once inside the quotation, you will want to add items. These can be added ad hoc, or you can select from the list of Items in your Items area, used for quotations, sales orders and so on, and stock control.

Sales Process 3
Sales Process 4
Sales Process 5
Sales Process 6

Raising a Sales Order

If you have created the Sales Order from the Quotation as detailed before, the Sales Order will be completed for you, and no further action necessary.

Sales Process 7

Raising a Purchase Order

If you have created the Purchase Order from the Sales Order as detailed before, the Purchase Order will be completed for you, and no further action necessary.

Sales Process 8

Receiving an Item/Items into Stock

Sales Process 9
Sales Process 10

Asset Management of New Item(s)

Sales Process 11
Sales Process 12

Consignment of Item

Once the item is in stock, or if the item is already in stock, you will need to consign the item to the Sales Order for the Sales Order to be completed, and processed for billing to the Customer.

Sales Process 13
Sales Process 14

Invoicing / Billing

Once the item is consigned to the order, the item(s) can be dispatched to the End-user, as necessary. The item, once dispatched or installed, will be billable.

Sales Process 15

NetHelpDesk will then bill the invoice straight away using your Billing routine.

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