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SCCM Asset Import

NetHelpDesk can import assets, and update existing assets from an SCCM database using the SQL import feature. This integration is available from version 10.10 of NetHelpDesk onwards.

Setting up a UDL file to connect to the SCCM database:

The SCCM sync works by connecting to SCCM’s sql database, running a SQL query and importing the dataset into NetHelpDesk. In order to do this a UDL file will need to be set up to connect to the SCCM database.

NetHelpDesk uses a UDL file to connect to the NetHelpDesk SQL database. So to easily set one up to connect to the SCCM database, you can copy the existing UDL file and modify this. This is normally located on the NetHelpDesk server in the NetHelpDesk folder. Copy a UDL file and paste it into the same directory, giving it a name of your choice, then double click on the new file to modify the SQL connection.


As shown in the screenshot:

Setting up NetHelpDesk to connect to the UDL file:

Now we need to enter this udl path in the SCCM SQL import profile in NetHelpDesk. To do this:


This will reveal the “Setup SSCM SQL Import” and “Import Now” functions. To setup the profile,:


Running the Import:

Once configured, the import can be run from the Profile setup screen, or the Asset Management configuration screen, by selecting “Save and run Import” or “Import now” respectively. An import screen will then display and begin the import automatically and progress and any issues will be logged.


Setting up the Import as a scheduled task:

A scheduled task can be set up on the NetHelpDesk server to run the sync on a schedule, ie. once a day. To do this:

Customising the import:

As the SCCM integration uses a SQL import profile, this can be customised to match based on different fields, add or remove field mappings or write a new SQL Query to import different assets entirely. This will require knowledge of the SCCM SQL database. This can be controlled from the SCCM SQL import profile screen.

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