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Separate NHServer Scheduled Task for Calendar Sync

Certain organisations who use NHServer heavily to process e-mails and appointments, and have NHServer set up as a scheduled task, may wish to separate out the email sync from the calendar sync, and scan each separately, on a separate schedule. NHServer uses a .ini file to store information and changes specified to help run a scan. Any changes you make to this part of the program will be stored in this .ini file.

Splitting the two processes out into separate tasks will mean creating a separate .ini file for the Calendar scan process, so the NHServer processes each look at their own .ini file.

To do this:

Within NHServer, you can specify 6 parameters that can be used after the .exe path in the target line, to run different items of NHServer in different ways.

You don’t need to know the other parameters here, you just need to know that if they are not being used, you specify the word blank to tell the program to ignore that parameter.

So, at the moment, without any changes, after the path to the NHServer.exe file, there should already be a space, followed by the NetHelpDesk.udl file specification. In this example, we have put C:\, however, yours will have the Server name in its place.

e.g. C:\NetHelpDesk\Win\NHServer.exe C:\NetHelpDesk\NetHelpDesk.udl

e.g. C:\NetHelpDesk\Win\NHServerCalendar.exe C:\NetHelpDesk\NetHelpDesk.udl blank blank

e.g. C:\NetHelpDesk\Win\NHServerCalendar.exe C:\NetHelpDesk\NetHelpDesk.udl BLANK BLANK C:\NetHelpDesk\Win\Configs\NHServerCalendar.ini

e.g. C:\NetHelpDesk\nethelpdesk.udl once blank nhservercalendar.ini

e.g. “C:\NetHelpDesk\nethelpdesk.udl once blank nhservercalendar.ini blank MAPINTSERVICE

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