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Sections allows you to organise your Technicians into groups or teams. It means that you can restrict what areas of requests that they get to see, so that they do not get distracted by the work of other teams.

For example, you may want your Network Team to only look at calls assigned to the Network Team, and not the Development Team, and so on.

This functionality is also incredibly useful when reassigning requests, so when the section is selected, only the Technicians associated with that section will then appear, rather than a list of everyone.

You can use one Section for everyone, or multiples as required. The choice is yours.

  1. Use Sections to segregate your Technicians into departments or teams. This will allow you to separate calls, and allow Technicians to only see and manage calls assigned to their Section.
  1. You can do this in the Permissions tab of Technician account settings, as described before.
  1. You can have as many sections as you would like.
  1. If you edit the value of a Section, this will update existing requests with the new value. It will not update in the permissions tab for each Technician. You will need to go back and edit these.

By default, we have suggested the types of sections that you may wish to use. These can be added to, amended or deleted as applicable to your organisation.

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