Self Service Portal for End-Users

NetHelpDesk comes with two general web interfaces; one for “End-users” (the people you support) and one for “Agents” (the people who support the End-users.) To install these, please follow the guides for installing using the installer, or manual setup from the Guides Menu (Not included in this guide).

Windows Authentication for End-Users

When browsing to the web interface in IIS, the very first page is for your end-users. The default is for the end users to use E-mail addresses and Passwords given to them by you.

Self Service 1

If your end-users are inside your domain, and you are using LDAP / Active Directory integration, you may want them to be automatically logged in. To do this:

Self Service 2

The login screen box will now change, and rather than asking for an email address, it will now ask for a Username.

Self Service 3

The name your end-users use to log into your PC/Domain will need to be specified at the user level in the main Windows product. To view this, go to Tickets > By End User > Right click on any user > Edit User. Make sure the Network Login is populated with their domain name identifier (if unknown, please speak with your domain admnistrator). If this is in use, the web password will not ever be necessary, and the end-user will never see the login page.

Self Service 4

PLEASE NOTE: If your end-user continues to see the login screen, their Windows name is not specified in the User list of the main Windows program (cannot be located in the database).

Standard Login for End-Users

If your end-users are outside your domain, you may want them to login using a username you specify, or more popularly, their email address.

Self Service 5

Setting Web Access Level for End-User

To determine how much the end-user can see when they log into the portal, is set at the user level. It is advisable to set everyone as This User's Tickets access, until confirmed with your Customer which end-users have priority overview access, whether at site level or entire customer level.

To set this, right click on the user in the Tickets > End User view.

Self Service 6

Customising the Web Interfaces

After creating the web interface using the setup details in this guide, you may wish to tailor the main template that we provide to be more in keeping with your own web themes, corporate colour schemes and so on. You may want to have more than one portal, have it customised per client once they are logged in, and so on. All is possible in the NetHelpDesk setup. Please see separate guide.

Setting the Global Web Announcement

Before your End-users log into the Web Portal, you can set a Global Web Announcement to notify them of something that affects your business, which they may need to know.

This could be notifying of a public holiday in your area, if you service a global Customer base, and so on.

To set this:

Hiding Agent Access

There will be an option below the standard login boxes for your Agent Login, which says Login as an Agent. The login box name changes to Agent Login Name.

To hide the link from the main end-user login screen, go to N > Setup > Main Configuration > Agents > Agent Web Portal > Hide Login as End user/Agent Link.

The screens once you login are different for an End-user, compared to a Agent. The easiest way to tell the difference during testing is the 6 drop-down menus in Agent login. They only appear for a Agent, and not for an End-user.

Just make sure you are on the latest stable version to benefit from all the new functions NetHelpDesk has to offer. Our team are here to answer any questions you have. Just contact us to see how we can help you.

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