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Skype for Business Integration

NetHelpDesk can display incoming call pop-ups, place outgoing calls, and display the call handling screen when a call is connected in Skype for Business/Lync. This integration is part of “Notify” and is available from version 10.31 of NetHelpDesk onwards.

1. Ensuring you have the correct files:

In order for the integration to work, Notify will require two additional dll files, NHDLyncPlugin.dll and Microsoft.Office.Uc.dll. These should be located in the same location as Notify.exe.

Skype for Business 1

If you do not have these files, they can be downloaded from If you are using the local installations of NetHelpDesk, place these files in the Win folder in the central location, and when Notify is next launched these files will be fetched automatically from the server. If you are not using a local installation, these files will need to be put in the same location as Notify.

2. Settings in NetHelpDesk:

There are a few global settings in the main windows client that effect outgoing calls placed from the main client. These are found in N > Setup > Main Configuration > Call Management.

Skype for Business 2

You will need to check the “Dial in integrated phone system when making a new call in the windows client” checkbox. This will mean that when a call button in the main client is pressed, this will trigger Notify to dial the number in Skype for Business (see section 5).

The other option is for a Dialling Prefix. This will add the entered number to the start of all numbers called. This can be cleared if not required.

3. Setting up Notify and Connecting to Skype for Business:

Now we need to connect to Skype for Business in Notify. Open up Notify and click on the Cogs to go the settings page. On the Call Handling tab, select “Use Skype for Business (Lync) for calls”. When saved Notify will connect to Skype for Business when it is started.

Skype for Business 3

In order to connect to Skype for Business, you must be logged into Skype for Business first.

Click the Connect to Skype for Business to connect to Skype for Business. If successfully connected, you will receive a “Connected to Skype for Business message”. If connection fails, you will receive an error message.

Skype for Business 4

When Notify starts it will attempt to connect automatically. If you are connected to Skype for Business, there will be a message in blue at the bottom of the Notify window showing that you are connected.

If the connection fails, the message will turn red. Clicking it will show details of the issue, and an option to reconnect.

Skype for Business 5
Skype for Business 6

4. Handling Incoming Calls:

Now that Notify is connected to Skype for Business, when an incoming call is triggered in Skype for Business, the Incoming Call window will appear in Notify. The caller ID will try to match against a user in NetHelpDesk based on the telephone number fields for the user and site.

Skype for Business 7

From this window the call can be answered or rejected.

This window can be hidden if you would prefer to use the Skype UI by unchecking the “Show Incoming/Outgoing Call window” setting in Notifys Call Handling Settings.

When answered, the Call Handling Window will be displayed. On this window, the call can be ended, hold toggled, and the call can be transferred.

Skype for Business 8

5. Outgoing Calls:

Outgoing calls can be placed in either the main windows client or Notify. The Telephone icon in Notify will allow either entry of a number, or call the selected Technician in the list.

Skype for Business 9

In the main client, a call can be placed by clicking the new call button on the main toolbar, using the Phone book on the right-hand panel, by clicking the telephone button on the Request Preview and by clicking the call button on the Request Details and Edit User screens.

Skype for Business 10

Selecting one of these will send a message to Notify to dial the selected telephone number in Skype for Business, and an outgoing call window will appear in the corner of the screen.

Skype for Business 11

When answered, the call handling screen will be displayed.

Skype for Business 12

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