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Slack Integration

NetHelpDesk notifications can be sent to a channel in Slack. This integration is available from version 10.31 of NetHelpDesk onwards. Minimal configuration is required.


On the Server that runs the NHServer program, used to poll mailboxes and calender appointments, that you install the open SSL Libraries. Go to If there is newer version of the libraries then you can downlaod them from here.

Logging into Slack from NetHelpDesk:

From the NetHelpDesk windows client go to N > Setup > Main Configuration > Notifications.

Slack Integration 1

On the notifications settings page, there will be a section for Slack Integration.

Slack Integration 2

Select the Setup Slack Integration, and enter your Slack team name, and email address and password if required. Upon successful login, you will be able to select a channel that Slack will post to.

Slack Integration 3

After selecting a channel, the login page should close automatically, and the Setup Slack button will be replaced with the team and channel names, and a few options.

Slack Integration 4

Click the Tick button to send a test message. This should appear in the selected Slack channel.

Slack Integration 5

Setting up Notifications to send to Slack

Now we need to set up a notification to send to Slack. To do this select “New Notification”.

Slack Integration 6

This will open the Notification Wizard. On the Notification Type page, select the “Create a Notification in Slack” option.

Slack Integration 7

Continue to set up a notification as normal, setting the trigger and conditions that you wish.

Slack Integration 8

The NHServer process will now send a message to the selected Slack channel whenever the event you have chosen occurs. The message which is sent can be customised for each message type from the Notification Template screen.

Slack Integration 9

Should you have any questions regarding any steps in this guide, please speak with the NetHelpDesk Support Team.

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