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Service Level Agreement (SLA) Hold Reminders

A true SLA hold is when asking an End-user for more information. The ticket cannot be progressed without this additional data. The onus of the ticket lies with the End-user. The SLA timers on the ticket, will not need to be counting, as the ticket is no longer in the Agent’s remit, but instead the End-users.

Tickets that remain open for a while can fill queues with tickets that are no longer a priority, are forgotten about, or are resolved, but the End-user simply hasn't updated the ticket. These types of tickets can also skew statistics if left open for a while, and won't show a true reflection on support levels at that time.

The SLA Hold Reminders and Automatic Closure Procedure allow for automatic email reminders to be sent to End-users for tickets that are on SLA hold, and awaiting further information. The first email will be the one sent by the tech manually, asking the questions needed to progress the ticket. The SLA Hold Reminder procedure starts after the first time period set in the main configuration has lapsed.

NetHelpDesk will then send a separate email templated update (Email Template ID 89) to the end-user, reminding them that the ticket cannot be progressed without further information. It can send this reminder continuously for the rest of time, without having to automatically close, if you prefer this did not happen.

However, if you do wish to automatically close, NetHelpDesk will send a separate email templated for the automatic closure (Email Template ID 41).

Some customers will add a status called "With User" or "Awaiting Response", specifically for this type of situation, and set the status to automatically put the SLA on Hold. To do this:

SLA Hold Reminders 2

Once the ticket is on SLA Hold, the procedure will start.

Setting up Time Parameters

To specify the time frames for the SLA Hold Reminder procedure:

SLA Hold Reminders 1

Editing Email Templates

To edit the relevant templates associated with this features:

Should you have any questions regarding any steps in this guide, please speak with the NetHelpDesk Support Team.

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