Technical Specifications for our help desk software

NetHelpDesk is a Windows product, so it can be installed and will work in any Windows environment. Whether that is a Windows Server, PC or Laptop, physical or virtual, it honestly doesn't matter. We can host it for you, but if you want to host it yourself, you'll need to know what we recommend.

The list below will give you the basic overview of what is needed, and more detailed information follows. As with all software, the better the machine, the better it performs. We use Microsoft SQL Server as a database, so you need to make sure that your server where data is stored, has the best resources to run queries of data held in it.

If you have any questions about these specification, please speak with anyone in our team, who are happy to help.

Minimum Requirements:

Database Installation

NetHelpDesk uses a Microsoft SQL Server database. This is suitable for a larger number of concurrent users, and gives better performance over WANs. It requires either Microsoft SQL Express (a free cut down version of Microsoft SQL server system with a 10GB database size limite) or Microsoft SQL Server Full Version.

PLEASE NOTE: The speed of querying the database is a key factor in the speeds experienced inside the NHD program. Please increase resources accordingly to cater for usage in your environment.

The database can be installed on a separate server to the application installation. See relevant guides for assistance with this, or speak with any member of NetHelpDesk to clarify, if needed.

Application Installation

NetHelpDesk runs on any 32/64bit platform, with a minimum of the specifications above. Like any software, the better the specification, the more efficient NHD will run. Please increase resources on this server accordingly to cater for usage in your environment.

Data Link File

When installing NetHelpDesk, make sure the data link (NetHelpDesk.udl by default) file uses a SQL Administrator account for ease of use, and significant reductions in permission-related issues. Using Windows Authentication to connect NHD to the database has potential to cause issue, especially if not addressed correctly. Speak with any member of NetHelpDesk to clarify, if needed.

Local Workstation Key Files Installation

After the installation, your Agents can run the shortcut through Windows Explorer screen from the server NetHelpDesk folder share. NHD will then install some key files locally on each machine from the shared folder. Depending on your local setup, they may need to be a local administrator to do this. As with the main installation folder, the better the machine it is installed on, the better the program will run.

Future Upgrades Planning

Upgrades of NetHelpDesk can be done automatically from the interface itself, or manually via a simple file replacement procedure. If Agents have NHD installed locally on their workstations as above, NHD will automatically update their local copies when done on the server centrally. Deviations of this, such as virtual environments, appropriate action will be needed so the Agent can work on the latest version. Speak with any member of NetHelpDesk to clarify, if needed.

Event Notifications

For Agents to be notified by the database of significant ticket life cycle events, a series of notifications can be sent when chosen, via multiple platforms, such as email and/or SMS. There is also a local workstation application called Notify that can be run on Agent's local workstations. If the program is installed on a machine that is not in your domain (such as external data centres, or NetHelpDesk hosted platform), Notify may not run, or be available to use. Speak with any member of NetHelpDesk to clarify, if needed.

Web Browser Interfaces

The Web Interface to NetHelpDesk runs as a CGI program. This runs on an Microsoft IIS web server. The Web browser can be any browser, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Internet Explorer. A mobile interface is also shipped that is optimised for smaller screens of any Smartphone, including iPhone, BlackBerry and Android.

Smartphone Apps

The smartphone apps will install a database on the handset for offline working, and this database's size is directly related to the data you store. Make sure your Agent's handsets have access to the local data storage, and has enough space to cope with the data downloaded. The better the handset, the better the app will run. Make sure to do any database validations on Wifi access, so as not to unnecessarily impact your network data allowance. Once done, the app can then be used via Wifi and/or network data connection.

Should you need any assistance with this, or any other feature in NetHelpDesk, simply contact us. We want you to get the most from the product, and our teams are always happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

"What do we need to bear in mind for the future?"


NetHelpDesk installer uses SQL Server Express, which is a free program offering from Microsoft, with a 10GB database limit. If you choose to save e-mail attachments in the SQL database, rather than in a separate folder in another location, this database size will fill quite quickly. We would recommend investigating costs for a full licence of SQL Server.


"I want to run this on my laptop initially. Is that OK?"


Absolutely! NetHelpDesk runs in ANY Windows environment, so can be run on a laptop or desktop PC, no problem. However, please bear in mind the limitations of this setup moving forward. If you have 30 licences, all connecting to a basic laptop may not be the best environment. We're happy to guide you in this area, after the trial. It's all the same functionality, either way.


"Do you provide Technical Implementation and Training Services?"


Indeed, we do! Click on resources in the menu to see all of our professional services that we offer. If you haven't got the time or the resource, we are always happy to help.


"What integration options are available?"


As standard, NetHelpDesk has integration with a large number of leading software products. Click HERE for more information. If you have an in-house bespoke software you need NetHelpDesk to link to, we're happy to discuss these options with you. More times than not, this is included in your purchase conditions, and added free of charge.


"How easy is it to migrate to NetHelpDesk? We have lots of data to transfer!"


Very easy. We already offer one-click integration options in the software to migrate data from our leading competitors, as well as a built-in import facility within NetHelpDesk.

If you need a complex data import that isn't already offered by us, just speak with one of our team, who can assist with this, and explore options.


We feel that the best way to find out if NetHelpDesk is right for you is to simply ask us. We want you to find the best solution for you, so we're happy to help wherever we can, and if it's not right for you, we will say so! We promise you that!

Our product and company has developed over many years based on Customer feedback and requirements, so if there is another way you feel would help you in this area, feel free to speak with us about your ideas. We can usually add in new features quickly, and usually free of charge.

Just contact our team to discuss your requirements. If there are any features you would like to see added to our help desk software, just let us know. See our #ChallengeNHD Twitter campaign for more information.

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