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Request Templates

With NetHelpDesk, Request Templates have so many features available, which are perfect for pre-populating requests, with multiple steps that need to be followed for quality and auditing purposes.

If you are going to create templates for parent requests, with child requests attached, start with the child requests first. Then add the child requests to the parent request, whilst you are creating the parent request.

  1. Go to N > Setup > Main Configuration > Request Templates.
  1. Click Add to create a new template.
  1. Specify the Summary and Details fields, and these will populate those fields in the request.
  1. Other defaults include: Request Type, Priority, Section, Technician, Category from any 4 of the groups, Estimate time, Exclude from SLA stats, Show on Web and link to KB Article.
  1. The No URLs/Docs button changes to a URL/Docs (1) button, where the number indicates the number of documents attached to the request. Add as many documents as you need, whether static, moving or web-based.
  1. Add the To-Do list items for this particular request type of all steps that must be followed.
  1. If adding Child Requests to the template on the Child Requests tab, you can also specify requests that must be closed before another child request is opened.
  1. Click the “Use Template” button on the New Request Details screen.

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