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Twitter Integration

If your company has a company Twitter account, NetHelpDesk can manage that Twitter account for you, and create requests from any posts on that Twitter account.

Authorising NHD with a Twitter account

When using the Twitter integration, due to the restrictions imposed by Twitter themselves, you will need to log into the Twitter account should you wish to use it.

To log in:

1. Click on either the:

a. Twitter button on the main screen Tools tab, or

b. The “Not Logged In” caption on the Statistics pane.

2. This will open an OAuth web-login form where you be prompted for the Twitter Username or e-mail, and the password.

3. Enter the credentials for your company’s account, and select Authorise app. You will then be given a verification code.

4. Before closing this screen, copy this code into notepad, as you will need to enter this code in NetHelpDesk to grant NetHelpDesk access to the account.

5. Once copied, close this form and another screen form will display, asking you for this code.

6. Paste the code into the box to grant access to NetHelpDesk.

NetHelpDesk will now have access to the authenticated Twitter account until NetHelpDesk is closed, or until the session expires.

If either of these happen, the technician will need to re-authenticate the account.

PLEASE NOTE: If the OAuth web login form doesn’t load, the page may be blocked by your browser settings, or by your IT team e.g. via a proxy.

The website: “” will need to be either added as a trusted site, in your Internet Explorer settings, or speak with your IT team about allowing this web address through for this process.

You will also need to ensure that cookies are enabled in Internet Explorer.

The Twitter feed screen will then appear, showing all the latest mentions and tweets.

Twitter 1
Twitter 2
Twitter 3

Communicating with NHD through Twitter

Once you are logged into your Twitter page, there will be two screens where you can manage the page; the main Twitter screen, and the Mini-Feed in the Statistics Pane.

Main Twitter Screen:

Twitter 4

1. In the top right hand corner of the main screen, the screen name of the account you are currently logged into, is displayed. Clicking here when not logged in, will allow you to log in.

2. The Mentions and Tweets labels are also buttons, which allow you to toggle between the two options.

Mentions will show any Tweets by other users that have mentioned your Twitter account name in, e.g. @NetHelpDesk.

Tweets will show your account’s own Tweets.

3. Type a tweet here (standard Tweet 140 character limit) and send it to Twitter.

4. This table will show your most recent mentions or tweets. The Twitter user’s name is shown with the screen name next to them.

Right click > Edit user > Advanced Tab > Social Media . Specify a user’s Twitter name. You don’t need to specify the ‘@’ sign.

If the Twitter screenname is matched to a user in the NetHelpDesk database, it will show the Area/Client, Site and User instead.

5. Use the Create Request button to create a NetHelpDesk request from a mention in Twitter.

This will use the default request type for Technicians via Windows. To check what yours is set to, go to N > Setup > Advanced Options > New Request Settings > General.

If a tweet already has a request linked to it, it will instead show the Request ID. Double clicking will open the request. Further tweets from your company or from the end-user, will be automatically added to the request as actions.

6. The number of tweets shown can be adjusted here, and the Refresh Now button will force a refresh. However, the feed will update automatically whenever the list on the main screen in NetHelpDesk is refreshed. Any new tweets will appear highlighted blue.

Requests created by Twitter posts will behave exactly the same way, as any other standard requests in NetHelpDesk

When replying to any request created from a Twitter post, the action screen will automatically have a checkbox at the bottom of the action screen saying Send Tweet. When enabled, the 140 character limit appears, and whatever you write in the notes field of the action, will then tweet a reply on the Twitter post that the request was created from.

Any further tweets in that conversation will be automatically added to the request as an action, the next time the Twitter feed refreshes.

Twitter Mini-Feed:

The other way to utilise the Twitter integration is to use the Mini-Feed found in the Statistics Pane, available on the right hand side of the main screen. If you cannot see yours, go to N > View > Statistics Pane.

1. This is the screen name of the account you are currently logged into. Clicking here when not logged in will allow you to log in.

2. This is a mini-version of the main grid on the main Twitter screen. Double clicking will open the tweets on the request.

3. This is a shortcut to open the main Facebook screen, discussed previously.

To create request from a Twitter mention, you will need to use the Create Request button in the Main Twitter Screen grid. Please see the previous section.

Twitter 5

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