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Join one of the many councils who rely on our powerful help desk softwarePowerful Helpdesk Software for Councils

Councils have a huge responsibility to their public, so smoothness of operations is critical. With the vast amounts of data required for their daily operations, a strong, reliable system with exceptional accessibility is essential.

This is where NetHelpDesk comes into its own. Its multi-departmental functionality allows smooth processing of requests of any nature, and its multiple SQL databases afford it outstanding data management capabilities.

Manage multiple departments in one unified system

Problem management can also be enhanced through the extensive ticketing system. Individuals may encounter any number of distinct issues which must each be logged, tracked, and kept accessible until their resolution – so the easy workflows enabled by NetHelpDesk are truly invaluable.

Key Features

One Central PortalOne Central Portal

All users can access multiple dashboards and databases through a single unified portal. Administrators can allocate predetermined access levels for all end users relevant to their position and seniority – all of whom access the system via the same portal.

Multiple DatabasesMultiple Databases

Because NetHelpDesk operates through multiple SQL databases it is scalable to any scope of operations. Any amount of data can be effectively stored and made accessible via a single, unified portal for all users.

Shared Service CompliantShared Service Compliant

NetHelpDesk software is fully compliant with Shared Service requirements, making it the ideal solution for back-office operations. It can be used by any number of company divisions and departments, with features perfect for any application.

Self Service Password ResetSelf Service Password Reset

Maintain smooth operations and streamline the resolution of user access issues without requiring administrator authorisation. Provide continued access to the system and empower users to easily manage their security.

Screenshots of NetHelpDesk

NetHelpDesk has an extensive range of features that are all displayed on intuitive, user-friendly screens.

Our software is available on multiple platforms...

NetHelpDesk is available on a range of devices with industry-leading functionality available throughout.

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