Help Desk Software Kaseya RMM Integration

NetHelpDesk integrates with your Kaseya RMM software, helping you to manage assets and the services for your customers quickly, and easily.

Rather than provide you with a mediocre tool built into our package, we allow you to integrate with your preferred choice of RMM tool. Continuous feedback from customers is that Kaseya RMM is one of the best on the market, so we have built an API link with their software.

The people over at Kaseya RMM are great to work with, and support us to the same high level we support you, so it's a perfect match. Once you have followed the easy-to-read guides from NetHelpDesk and/or Kaseya RMM, you simply add the details into NetHelpDesk.

"No matter what part of Kaseya’s integrated IT Systems Management platform you choose to utilize in order to streamline and automate your IT Services, Kaseya’s scalable platform can be leveraged seamlessly across all IT disciplines. By tightly integrating common platform concepts into a single web-based platform, Kaseya makes your systems more secure, your IT staff more productive, your services more reliable and your results easier to validate."

Kaseya RMM website

All that NetHelpDesk needs to know is the location of Kaseya RMM server and have an API Key from you, and it handles the rest for you. Click on the Import/Sync button, and let NetHelpDesk take care of the rest. Once the integration is done, you can look after and monitor all of your alerts from within NetHelpDesk, and create tickets based on criteria you specify.

Our product and company has developed over many years based on Customer feedback and requirements, so if there is another way you feel would help you in this area, feel free to speak with us about your ideas. We can usually add in new features quickly, and usually free of charge.

Our software is available on multiple platforms...

NetHelpDesk is available on a range of devices with industry-leading functionality available throughout.

  • Windows Phone

    Windows Phone

  • Android


  • iPhone


  • BlackBerry


  • Tablets


  • Windows



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