Help Desk Software with Live Chat

NetHelpDesk allows you to manage all the different channels of ticketing that your customers expect. This extends to live chat where you can assist customers immediately and offer the highest level of service. NetHelpDesk enables you to streamline your processes into one system that integrates help desk software with live chat.

Real Time Support


Through live chat, support your customers in real-time and provide assistance when they really need it.

Centralise Communications


Use NetHelpDesk to centralise all your different channels of communications - including live chat.

Report On Chat History


Built-in reports enable you to report on historic chats and analyse the impact they have on your KPIs.

Centralise Your Communications

Speech Icon

Chat to Customers

Support your customers via live chat and enhance your level of service.

Email Icon

Chat to Agents

Talk internally to other agents and find out information in real-time.

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Chat to Your Team

Invite other agents into your chat, to collaborately resolve incidents.

Main configuration screen for NetHelpDesk help desk software

Our software is available on multiple platforms...

NetHelpDesk is available on a range of devices with industry-leading functionality available throughout.

  • Windows Phone

    Windows Phone

  • Android


  • iPhone


  • BlackBerry


  • Tablets


  • Windows



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