Request Types or Forms

Whether one form or one hundred forms are necessary to complete, NetHelpDesk caters to your requirements with extensive customisation.

The "Request Types" are the forms that your Agents or End-users complete regarding the enquiry, and forms such as Quotations, Print of Request Details etc. can be customised too

Think back when NetHelpDesk and technology never existed, and your team used pieces of paper to have forms to complete, based on what type of request was being recorded. Each form would capture information specifically tailored to the type of request, so a support request would maybe include the piece of equipment affected, or a complaints request could capture the complainant's availability, or a sales enquiry would capture when an item needs to be implemented by, and so on.

Separate forms for different tasks

NetHelpDesk gives you Request Types, and each one represents that paper forms, and you can tailor what is captured in each one. There is no limit to the number of Request Types that can be specified, and controls available to make certain forms available only to Agents internally, and not end-users via the web portal, or if they are available, what fields appear within that form to the end-user. Each Request Type comes with the ability to be called whatever you like, and have a set of pre-defined defaults for that type of Request. These can then be specified in other features too, such as Auto Requests.

ITIL and Request Types

We offer an introduction to the ITIL framework within NetHelpDesk, the standard setup required for an IT service desk. These are only suggestions, and NetHelpDesk will use whatever you specify. All pre-existing request types can be edited and new ones added and deleted, as necessary.

We go one step further with ITIL as well, where you can specify multiple request types as one ITIL request type, and still be ITIL compliant. So a Support, Sales and Accounts Enquiry can be set as Incidents and linked later to their relevant Problem request, and so on.

NetHelpDesk offer an ITIL consultancy as part of the suite of services. Speak with your Account Manager for more information. The purpose of request types essentially, is set default values for a request, and to control which fields are visible in a new request (including Custom Fields).

Our product and company has developed over many years based on Customer feedback and requirements, so if there is another way you feel would help you in this area, feel free to speak with us about your ideas. We can usually add in new features quickly, and usually free of charge.

Just contact our team to discuss your requirements. If there are any features you would like to see added to our help desk software, just let us know. See our #ChallengeNHD Twitter campaign for more information.

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