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Help Desk Software News December 2014

Help Desk Software iPad App Preview

Many of our customers have provided feedback, that when their engineers are on site working on their smartphones, using our industry leading iOS and Android apps, that appearances can be deceiving. Some of their customers had noticed an increase in use of their smartphones by their Engineers, and it appeared that they were working on something not work related. For them, it would be more advantageous to have a tablet app. Holding a tablet whilst on site, it would appear more business-like, and professional.

So, our development team took this feedback on board, and we are happy to announce a new iPad app proper. Our iPhone app could be used on tablet before, but was not specifically written for the iPad screen, to utilise the layout. Whilst maintaining the incredible functionality of the iPhone app, the iPad app is looking to go a step further, where the additional screen room, gives further opportunity for new features. Watch this space!

We aim to have this new app out very soon, after it has gone through the rigourous tests by our friends over at Apple HQ. The app will be, of course, free to download, and free to use, for all customers, whether new or existing.

Help Desk Software Android App Preview

Happy New Year, one and all. 2015 is set to be another fantastic year for us and our customers. Lots of new functionality in progress, and on the road map. So, we thought we would start with a brand new look and feel to our website, making it even easier to navigate to help you make the right help desk software decision.

Let us know your feedback, one and all. As always, all of us here at NetHelpDesk want all of your feedback, to help us continue to steer the good ship NetHelpDesk to brighter horizons.


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