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Help Desk Software News - February 2014

We value our existing Customers as much as new customers, and so we have begun our Satisfaction survey for 2014. How are we doing? As a company, and as a product? What has happened in the last twelve months that you have liked? What have we done that could be improved?

Our ears are open, and we are ready for your constructive feedback. We won't take offense, but look at this as another opportunity to grow. Speak with your Account Manager today, and let us know your thoughts!

The new version of the Android app has also now been released, with the ability to update tickets straight after a telephone call, or a text message from a recognised end-user detail!

After your end-user has called you, the app opens, and asks if you want to update an existing ticket, or create a new one. This functionality is just amazing! Also add expenses, journeys and update timesheets whilst on the move!


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