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Help Desk Software News - July 2015

Version 10 Web Template Help Desk Software

Some great news! The web interfaces have always been incredibly customisable, to tailor to your preferred web presence. But this takes a bit of work on your part, so as we are nice people at NetHelpDesk, we offer skins for you to use with the web interfaces free of additional charge.

Back in the day, the web portals for our help desk software were basic, so we worked to provide you with the best. And they are still evolving, even now as you read this.

To take advantage of these new web skins, you will need to upgrade to get the better functionality. Just speak with our team, , and they can assist with this, whether you're a hosted customer, monthly or outright on site purchaser. As long as your account is up to date, we can help.

Version 10 Agent Dashboard Help Desk Software

We are always looking at ways to improve your access to information stored in your database. The new overview and Agent dashboards are now available in all new version 10, with a live real-time update stream, core key performance Indicator (KPIs) data, timesheet overview, and much more. We think that these are some of the most useful dashboards we've ever seen, compared to dashboards provided by our competitors. But we would say that, wouldn't we. Take a look yourself above, or speak with our support team to get you upgraded, and using these amazing new dashboards!


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