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Help Desk Software News - May 2015

Help Desk Software New App Menus

Our app developers have been hard at work adding new features and functionality into the apps for smartphones, phablets and tablets, ready for version 10 coming this June, in our help desk software.

With their eye on the future, and where the apps are heading, the menus are being redesigned, so that when you launch the app, it goes directly to your tickets, rather than the menu. Then you can tap to access the menu as needed.

There is also some great calendar and appointments functionality, that talk directly with your calendar on your smartphone, tablet or phablet, no need for Exchange integration and so on. It's all heading this way, and we'll keep you updated via Twitter and the GUI as these new items are added. As always, make sure you have an up-to-date maintenance contract, and the latest stable version for all the latest features to work.


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