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Help Desk Software News - October 2015

Local Install Upgrader Help Desk Software

As many of our existing customers will already know, NetHelpDesk is installed on a server, and then run via a shortcut on the local workstation. Our latest version 10 will now install a copy of the program locally on the workstation you are using for you as well. It won't be the whole folder structure, just a small folder, with a few key files in. You can choose where this is installed on the workstation.

To ensure future upgrades won't impact the local versions, the forward-thinking developers at NetHelpDesk have created a new local install upgrader, that takes care of everything for you. The people who look after your NetHelpDesk server, will still upgrade the version on the server. But, if a newer version exists on the server than the version that is installed locally, it upgrades the local version automatically for you. It has a lovely progress bar, so you know what is happening. Once completed, you simply log in as usual.

If you're an existing customer, it takes care of the transition process for you as well. Pretty neat!


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