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Help Desk Software News - December 2016

News December 2016 1

In NetHelpDesk, Services are a collection of business operations that can be used as a means to log tickets, and have them routed to a particular team with preset fields. They can also be used as a means of monitoring the status of particular business operations.

A Service can be made available to End-Users via the Service Catalogue, who will create a Service Request using the configured Ticket Type or Ticket Template. End-Users can do this from the web portal, and Agents can do this on behalf of a user from the Windows application.

The functionality and interface have been completely redesigned from the ground up, aimed at help desks who support internal end-users, but can also be utilised by those who support external customers as well. The end-user can subscribe to a Service, and track the status of the Service. NetHelpDesk will automatically create Service failure Tickets to alert an Agent to any issues with the Service, display Service Requests and Incidents that are linked to the Service, allow restricted access, so that only particular users can have access to the Service in the Service Catalogue, as well as link them to Assets.

The guides have been updated to include all of this new functionality, and our support team are on hand to assist. We also have a team ready to supply professional services customised to your own business model, in your time frame, to your specification. Speak with anyone in any team for more information.

Just make sure you are on the latest stable version to benefit from all the new functions NetHelpDesk has to offer.


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