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Help Desk Software News - January 2016

CRM Enhancements 2016 Help Desk Software

Whilst NetHelpDesk has always had good CRM functionality, our product constantly evolves based on customer feedback. The CRM, short for Customer Relationship Management, area of NetHelpDesk, focusses on the discussions and history of your existing customers. New customer management falls under our "sales opportunities" functionality, which also covers potential revenue streams from your existing customer base as well. Getting new business is always positive for a company, but looking after your existing base is essential.

Making sure that an Account Manager" can check in with them, help iron out any outstanding issues, looking at renewal and revenue opportunities, is imperative to your business' success. We always want to make sure our existing customers are looked after as well, so this is what we use to conduct account reviews.

The new functionality merges existing functionality together, and enhances tracking and follow up. Easily overviewing what has been happening with the customer, existing tickets, sales and purchase orders, quotations, site and user details, CRM notes and much more, can all be viewed in one place. Looking after your customer has never been so simple. Then, when you are recording your notes, with the new "complete call" fuction, you can set a follow up date, and overview the call plan for the day ahead, and anything that has dropped previously. Nothing ever gets missed again.

Just make sure you are on the latest stable version to benefit from all the new functions NetHelpDesk has to offer.


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