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Help Desk Software News - March 2016

Any good help desk knows that password resets are the daily pain endured, when supporting end-users. Now, NetHelpdesk offers a new piece of software, designed to allow you end-users inside of your domain, to reset their own passwords when required.

The clever developers at NHD have created a great new tool that can implemented, allowing end-users to create answer chosen security questions, in order to reset their domain password. The questions can be customised to the level of detail that any customer wants, to ensure that the questions aren't too similar to other products in use, or to make the reset as complex as required.

Make your end-user domain password resets a thing of the past for your Agents, and ask your NetHelpDesk representative now about the self service password reset tool.

Please Note: This is an additional software not included as standard with the main NetHelpDesk product. There is an additional cost to use this software.

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