March 2017 - New Features and Developments

PLEASE NOTE: Some of these new features may only be available in the latest Release Candidate and/or BETA versions. These versions have been tested, but may require further testing by your organisation with your particular configuration. We do not recommend upgrading to Release Candidate or BETA releases unless the changes that have been made are business critical to your organisation, or at the recommendation of a NetHelpDesk representative.

The new Meter Reading functionality in NetHelpDesk has been added as a part of the Asset and Stock control features. Assets can now have a number of Meters linked to them, to track the usage of an entity (ie. toner usage).

This is done by providing readings, which can be done by both Agents and End-users. Each meter records a detailed history of its usage over time, and the Meters can be billed based on their usage, through a variety of Billing Plans.

Meters are added to Assets by issuing parts that have a meter to an Asset. Each part is an item that contains a life expectancy for its Meter, and has a Meter Type. Issuing another part with the same Meter Type will increase the Meters life expectancy, instead of adding more Meters to the asset.

Meter Readings can also be submitted by end-users via the web portal in several different ways, as well as Agents submitting them in multiple parts of the product. Read our guides for more detailed information HERE.

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Just make sure you are on the latest stable version to benefit from all the new functions NetHelpDesk has to offer.

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