Self Service Windows Password Reset Tool

If you're looking for a secure self-service end-user password reset tool, NetHelpDesk Unlock™ is for you. It helps relieve the world's most popular help desk request of all time from your service desk.

The tool helps domain users in your Microsoft Windows Active Directory to reset their own passwords, and assist with account lockout issues, through customisable account security questions.

Lower the cost and remove the administrative burden of password administration, with an effective tool that is easy to implement, and simple to use.

Free your help desk with powerful software that allows users to unlock their accounts from the Windows Log on screen.

You Control What They Can Do

When creating new technology, our team of amazing developers look at new functionality from every stance, how they would like to use a feature, but also listening to feedback from end-users on what they need from a tool. The self-service Windows password reset tool is no different, and so a complex, feature-rich security tool, which is simple to implement and use is available for you to utilise.

Pricing Based On The Number Of Domain Users

Use the slider below to adjust the number of users required.

500 Domain Users

  •  1,000
  •  1,500
  •  2,000
  •  3,000
  •  5,000
  •  7,500
  • 10,000
  • 20,000

50,000 Domain Users

Password Reset - Up To 3,000 Domain Users

£2,795 per year.

Benefit from allowing your users to reset their own Windows password and improving the efficiency of your service desk. Contact our sales team to find out more information.

Our software is available on multiple platforms...

NetHelpDesk is available on a range of devices with industry-leading functionality available throughout.

  • Windows Phone

    Windows Phone

  • Android


  • iPhone


  • BlackBerry


  • Tablets


  • Windows



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