Service desk software

Service desk software and service management software allow customer support agents to manage, track, and respond to help desk requests. Having the right software in place is the key to managing a great service desk.

NetHelpDesk has been developed in alignment with ITIL standards and processes, giving you a reliable, versatile and robust service desk platform. To add to the system's already superb ease of use and strong support from our dedicated UK customer service, NetHelpDesk provides extensive access options for users and administrators. Multiple SQL databases can be accessed through a single central portal, and with extensive management reporting and dashboards, administration is streamlined and intuitive. Users can also be assigned their own unique access levels, and the self-service password reset tool simplifies the resolution of any admittance issues.

ITSM Software aligned with ITIL

By maintaining the standards enabled by our ITIL-aligned solution, our customers have used NetHelpDesk in a huge amount of applications. By implementing the system as an ITIL-aligned ticketing solution, a number of our users have even gone on to gain ISO and BS accreditation, opening up a huge amount of doors for their future operations.

Incident Management IconIncident Management

Easy tracking of calls, incidents, and requests that require consistent monitoring throughout every step of the process. Each call is tracked in a database, with all notes and relevant information logged against its unique identifier.

Incident Management Software

Problem Management Icon

Problem Management ApplicationProblem Management

Escalate and manage ongoing problems, investigate root causes of issues, and achieve in-depth resolution to standards far higher than the industry norm. NetHelpDesk allows powerful service management of any issue, enabling your company to deliver exceptional problem resolution.

Change Management IconChange Management

Track, plan, and execute organisational changes of any scale with NetHelpDesk's outstanding change management capability. Ensure deadlines are met and practices remain standardised throughout your entire company.

ITIL change management process

Knowledge Management Icon

Knowledge Management within NetHelpDeskKnowledge Management

Enable your team to create full-featured knowledge base articles with detailed keyword indexing, rich formatting, and file attachments. Easily make information available throughout your company and share knowledge with any contact at any time.

Service Catalogue IconService Catalogue

Maintain a comprehensive, ITIL-compliant record of all actions carried out through the service desk software. Keep your team informed on all progress and provide detailed reports to customers including all relevant information.

Service catalogue within service desk software

Password Reset Icon

Self Service Password Reset ToolSelf Service Password Reset Tool

Maintain smooth operations and streamline the resolution of user access issues without requiring administrator authorisation. Provide continued access to the system and empower users to easily manage their security.


Use NetHelpDesk's CMDB to track your configuration items and visualise dependancies between assets. Log incidents and problems against configuration items and identify systematic failings before they cause major incidents.

CMDB within service desk software

NetHelpDesk Reporting Suite

Self Service Password Reset ToolReporting Suite

NetHelpDesk's powerful in built reporting suite allows you to quickly and easily generate reports. Choose to use our industry standard core service desk metrics or build custom reports for your organisation.

What our customers say...

"The Scottish Environment Protection Agency required a one stop system for the many different enquiry types we receive from both Internal and External customers.

Having 350 Technicians, 16 mailboxes, 1200 Internal customers and handling 93,000 public calls (2014-2015) allows SEPA to efficiently transfer calls from our Communications centre to the correct department and ensures our customer enquiries are tracked efficiently.

The reporting for our management team has been improved with Automatic reports run to allow rolling comparative reports on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly terms.

NetHelpDesk has provided us with a system which meets SEPA’s conditions and their response to our requirements is always fast and efficient either with development needs or in Support.

Our Technicians have moved from our previous system to NetHelpDesk with a minimum of training due to the intuitive UI."

- Alan Johnson, IS Project Manager - Scottish Environmental Protection Agency

Our software is available on multiple platforms...

NetHelpDesk is available on a range of devices with industry-leading functionality available throughout.

  • Windows Phone

    Windows Phone

  • Android


  • iPhone


  • BlackBerry


  • Tablets


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