Service Level Agreements

NetHelpDesk has a very powerful SLA management facility, that allows you to manage multiple SLA groups, priorities, descriptions and timings for Response and Resolution Times. You can have as many SLA timing groups as you like, set them with descriptions that make sense to your team and your business, and set the timings associated with each priority level.

Each Customer can have their own unique SLA group of timings if required. The SLA timers will start when you and your team start work in the mornings, and pause automatically when you leave.

You can even set automatic reminder e-mail procedure to inform the end-user at regular intervals that the SLA timer is on hold, and more is expected from them to resolve the call. Even close the call automatically if the SLA is on hold for too long!

Timers Start as Soon as Call Created

As soon as the call comes in, your SLA timers will start ticking, and your team will have full visibility of what calls have what timings, the deadline for the next SLA timing to be met, level warnings, exemptions, excuses for breach and so on.

Define Working Hours with Different Hours on Different Days

If you have teams that work different hours, and maybe one team work 24 hours, 7 days a week, compared to another that work Monday to Friday, 9-5, you can account for all of these, so each team's SLA timings apply to their working regime.

Track Response and Resolution

Choose to track Response times and/or Resolution times for calls, and have each priority number within each SLA grouping to have it's own set of time values to work towards, whether in minutes, hours or days.

Link Equipment to an SLA

If you have certain pieces of equipment or Assets that need to have their own set of priorities and timings, these can be specified at the Asset level, and override timings should a call be assigned to that kit. An example of the this feature being useful, would be for Servers if you were an IT MSP, and need to escalate calls related to important servers.

Advanced Supplier SLA options

Assign calls to your Supplier List and manage their calls against the SLAs that they agree with you. When calls are assigned to the Supplier, your SLAs stop, and their begin, and you can report on these timings, when negotiating your contracts.

Colour-Coded View with Real Time Tracking

Set level warnings, so when a call's timing reach a parameter, such as 50%, a notification goes to your specified Agents, and the call goes "orange", for example. If the call breaches timings, it could go "red" and so on. There are also dozens of SLA Notification Options with varying thresholds.

End of 'Next Business Day' Option

If your SLAs are a little less rigid for certain types of priorities, you can set that the timing runs to the end of the next business day. These can be priority number specific within the SLA grouping.

Reset Respond By Date after any User Update

If you need the Response Times to reset every time the ticket is updated by the end user, you can choose to do this for all Response times within an SLA grouping. Each SLA group is independent from each other.

Reports, Dashboards and Key-Statistics, Wall Display options

There is extensive reporting opportunities within the product to keep a track on the effectiveness of your team/s in their response and resolution time compliance. The comprehensive Monthly SLA Reporting with Stats Viewer tool allows management to overview how their teams are doing at any time, and identify areas for improvement.

Track Holidays

Exclude public holidays from the SLA timings, so that your team aren't penalised for the time they are not physically in the office due to office closure on national holidays, and so on.

Our product and company has developed over many years based on Customer feedback and requirements, so if there is another way you feel would help you, feel free to speak with us about your ideas. We can usually add in new features quickly, and usually free of charge.

Just contact our team to discuss your requirements. If there are any features you would like to see added to our help desk software, just let us know. See our #ChallengeNHD Twitter campaign for more information.

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